Your business can use different ways to save money on your monthly expenses and energy. Josco Energy’s NJ Conference will provide many ways to implement energy-saving into your business. Here are some of the best ways your business can use to save money on energy:

1. Use Energy Saving Light bulbs

Use greener lightbulbs to reduce your energy consumption and save money. Unlike the standard lamps, energy-saving light bulbs can reduce your energy usage by 80%. You will not have to replace them regularly, so they can lower your maintenance cost.

2. Installing Motion Sensitive Lighting

Your employees may leave lights on when they are not using them. Install motion-sensitive lights to turn off your lights automatically when nobody is using the room. Open window blinds during the summer months to take advantage of the natural light during the day. This can lower your business energy expenses.

3. Do Not Rush to Turn On Air Conditioning

You may not want to use your air conditioner during the spring and autumn months. If the temperature is 21°C, you can turn off the heating. You do not really need air conditioning until the temperature is over 23-24°C.

4. Maximize the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

If you must use your air conditioner, close your windows and windows to help your air conditioner stay efficient. You can turn off your air conditioner during the night.

5. Invest in Microgeneration

You can produce your own energy to reduce your bills and cut down the carbon footprint of your business. Install solar panels since they use sunlight to generate electricity and they can work on any building.

6. Turn Off Computers at Night

If you turn off one monitor when you are not using it and over the weekends, it can save your business on electric bills.

7. Boil Water When You Really Need It

Your employees will boil water to use to make tea during tea break. Therefore, you need to check the water that your workers boil. If they can only boil just enough water to make tea, they can save your business a lot of money in electric bills every year.

8. Upgrade Your Technology

Do not use old and outdated models of fridges, computers, and boilers since they are not energy efficient. Upgrade to energy-efficient models to save you money.

9. Hang Energy Saving Posters

Hang energy-saving posters to remind your workers to save energy. You can get a poster on the website of British Gas.

10. Energy Audit

Conducting an energy audit can help you know your business’s energy consumption. Therefore, you will find out the processes using the most energy and know the areas where you can make savings.