Increasing the value of your property is an excellent way to further your investment. Even if housing prices naturally go up as your neighborhood develops, improving the look and functionality of your property will boost its value even more. Whether you want a better-looking home, or simply want a boost in value, this read from Doorsteps will share a few simple and straightforward tips to get there.

  1.  Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of a house. However, your kitchen might be looking dull after years of use. Kitchen styles and like fashion trends, they come and go. If you have owned the house for a while now, chances are its current state is outdated and could use a spruce up. When looking to improve your property’s value, you’ll want to renovate it with timelessness in mind. A successful spruce-up can substantially boost the value of your house. However, ensure stay within your budget so that you can recoup the investment when you sell.

  1. Renovate the Bathroom

A modern bathroom can look out of this world and make you feel like you have your own spa at home. In addition, a good bathroom remodel can substantially increase the value of your house. Bathroom renovations are one of the top demands for both homeowners and homebuyers. Thanks to innovation in design, now is a better time than ever to give your bathroom a new look.

  1. Add a Bedroom

A room extension will instantly put your house at the next price level. A two-bedroom house will never be in the same price bracket as a 3-bedroom one. If you have a sizeable loft, this is the best time to transform it. For an even higher value, consider adding an en suite.

Note that adding a playroom or home office can just be just as profitable as a bedroom extension and can be done at a far much lower price. So, unless you have a new family member and need an extra bedroom, adding a rear extension and using that space to make room for a child-friendly play zone or home office can be one of the best ways to add value to your house. This is in addition to the fact that more and more people prefer working remotely nowadays. All this makes your property more appealing to current homebuyers.

  1. Keep the Home in Good Condition

It’s important to stay on top of any damp, mold, and dirt. Clean and fix any problems as they arise. This will ensure the property is always in optimal condition, thus helping you spread out the maintenance cost. In return, you will not have to aggressively negotiate the price when it comes to selling or even risk it being unsellable due to structural issues that were overlooked when repair was needed.

  1. Install and Maintain Front and Back Yards

Front and back yards are an excellent way to boost the overall look of your home. In addition, 20% of house buyers ask for these features. As a plus, you will have a project that will benefit you in a number of ways from keeping fit, to enjoying the beautiful outdoors and even hosting guests.

Nowadays, most people want to live more sustainably. Having an appealing yard is an excellent way to start as it provides a breath of fresh air even if you are living in a city. In order to appeal to most buyers, however, consider installing a kitchen garden. Planting wall herbs and the like calls for little maintenance and can really help sell your house.

  1. Improve the Property’s Energy Efficiency

When it comes to saving on utility bills and adding value to your home, energy efficiency is vital. This means insulating your home, changing the main doors for better insulation, and replacing the windows with the double glazed type. Also, it could mean purchasing a new heating system, especially if your house is old. Central heating is one popular option, but there are many other options to make the house and the life you lead even more energy-efficient. If you make these changes early enough, you will not only boost the value of your house but lower the cost of your utilities as well.

  1. Add Character Features

 Consider replacing your flooring to add hardwood, fittings and fixtures with options that are quirky or characterful. You can even add mouldings, a log burner, or even an open fire. These features improve the look of your home and can become a selling point in the future. Character features help your home stand out, making it easier to sell to those with the same tastes as you.

Any of the above will increase the value of Core Real Estate Funds.