Join Me Thursday, April 20/23 at 1pm on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel!

Many organizations face challenges when it comes to applying creating emotional resilience for crisis situations. I speak with a founding member of the UK Psychological Trauma Society, internationally published author, Dr. Liz Royle.

Dr. Royle talks to us about:

1. People before ‘the plan’,

2. People and trauma,

3. Fears,

4. The 3 R’s (Resistance, Resilience, Recovery),

5. Crisis Team membership,

6. ‘The Ripple Effect’,

7. Areas of Risk…and lots more.

Dr Royle provides allot of insight into how we can create emotional resilience by creating and utilizing some innovative human recovery processes during crisis situations. Some may believe having a disaster response plan is enough, but there’s a human aspect that doesn’t seem to get enough attention. Dr. Royle sheds light on what’s missing and how we can address it. Enjoy!