Join me Thursday, June 8/23 at 1pm EST! I’m joined by researcher and author, Dr. Robert Sinclair, who talks about the personal characteristics that can be used to promote resilience. Despite what many have been saying, resilience isn’t something you can simply state yo are or that an organization can initiate.

During out chat, Dr Sinclair touches on:

1. Defining resilience (it’s more than you think),

2. Capacity for resilience and the Demonstration of resilience,

3. Stressors,

4. Characteristics of resilience,

5. Leadership and resilience,

6. Discuss the POWER model,

7. Organizational participation in creating resilience,

8. The dark side of resilience,

9. Tips for individuals about resilience…and more.

Dr Sinclair provides some insight into resilience not many are covering. It’s not something you buy off a shelf or simply implement – it’s much more personal than that. Enjoy!