Join me Thursday, November 9/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica business channel, I’m joined by longtime security & risk management expert, Michael White. Understanding our environments, either in the workplace or out in public, can help us mitigate risks and increase safety, and to help achieve that we must understand situational awareness.
During our chat we talk about:

  1. Defining situational awareness,
  2. Self-awareness,
  3. Decision-making,
  4. Communication skills,
  5. Understanding your environment,
  6. Practice-practice-practice (!),
  7. Changing perceptions and biases,
  8. Awareness in the workplace,
  9. Overthinking and over-analyzing,
  10. Starting situational awareness early…and more.

Michael provides some wonderful insights on how we can become better at understanding our environments, our workplaces, our colleagues, and ourselves, by understanding and practicing situational awareness. You don’t want to miss this. Enjoy!