What would a world look like without The eternal presence of our Divine Mother? (LOOK AROUND YOU!) 


On March 4 we will begin our month-long series on The Infinite Human Talk Show exposing how our Divine Mother has been systematically removed from HIS-tory, from Re-legion, and from all cultures but most of all from our psychic creating a world void of nurturing, creativity, respect for LIFE and our Mother Earth and love.  We will begin our series with our esteemed guest Jane Evershed an

amazing women and kindred spirit! Then we will explore the SOUL- UTION! YOU!



Jane Evershed is an artist and a visionary for an optimistic future. She is also a researcher sharing and speaking the real truth of our history, including our galactic history. Her specialty is uncovering the big picture to reveal the end game behind hidden agendas that are hostile and invasive to Angelic Humans and our conscious evolution as a sovereign species.


Evershed is an art historian, the head researcher for the Lazarus Initiative and appears as a regular guest with Sacha Stone of New Earth Horizon. She is the Artistic Director and workshop contributor at New Earth University for the Living Arts. 

Jane is also a writer and speaker currently working on educating in the area of Creative Currency, the most valuable asset on Earth. She also speaks about the importance of the rebirthing of the “disappeared” Nurturing Mother Archetype as part of the healing process toward reaching the New Earth paradigm.

 She was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and now lives in Minnesota playing Grandmother.


Website: janeevershedart.com  

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Jane’s lastest Book Click on the logo for more info!

Jane Evershed Artist, Muralist, Independent Art Teacher, Author, Writer, Poet, and Grandmother is on a mission to reignite the creative currency of humanity on as large a scale as is possible. “This is our ticket into the Golden Age and the key to the positive evolution of humanity.” We will be conducting a two-part series with this Wise Woman. In Part One we will demonstrate how The Divine Mother & Divine Feminine has been systematically erased from our memory banks and all external evidence of her existence in the World. We will explore the devastating effects of this on Humanity and our Mother Earth.

We will be discussing how the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine were removed from the Father, Son, and Hungry Ghost spiritual equation to banish women to the recesses of the Moon Goddess a lunar reflection of the male and how this has become a breeding ground for the Dark Masculine Patriarchy and the impostor “God the Father All Mighty”. How this has infected the psyche of women and degraded not only women but the children and indigenous peoples who are the rightful Guardians of our Mother Earth. Then we will begin our journey of Co-Creating our optimal Future returning the Divine Mother to her rightful place within us and our world.

As part of this healing process we will be addressing the Women Wounds The pain of being born female and how to heal our ancient trauma and ancestral miasma which has been passed down as a Mother Wound from mother to daughter. This is the pain of living an unexpressed life. We will be discussing ways to heal this within so women can reclaim the Goddess within as the heirogamic Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine any Bringing back the Divine Mother. within and  BE THE CHANGE! 

Our guest will be Oliwia Ezayana, born as Indigo Child. Ever since she began this incarnation, she’s always had a feeling that this reality is much more extraordinary than we could ever imagine. A  couple of years ago, Oliwia experienced a spontaneous third eye awakening which allowed her to perceive other parallel realities and guided her towards assisting other people in awakening their ancient gifts. Through studies of Keylonta Manifestation Mechanics and Proga Journeys to the Cosmic Halls of Records, she has developed a healing system which is focused on self-realignment of the Spirit, Mind and Body through Plasma Body Activation called the PLASMAREGENESIS REALIGNMENT Method. Oliwia is currently doing individual sessions through which you can find your own way towards reconnection with your Core Spirit as well as teaching on her group classes. 

By Jane Evershed

Oliwia Ezayana

“The Divine Feminine within both the male and female seeks to nurture,

love, heal, unify and make whole all that it touches. So, it is no wonder that

it has been all but eliminated from Earth’s culture. Instead, imbalanced,

dark masculine, tyrannical rule has dominated our planet. Competition,

exploitation and degradation of the feminine gender and her principles

have been the sad state of affairs that run the laws of business, banking,

politics, sports, religion, et cetera, with a male Tyrannical God reigning

supreme over all. Love, compassion, kindness, nurturing, and altruism

have all too often been deemed weak and unnecessary. Even women who

have wanted to “make it” in a male-dominated society have often had to

shed these qualities to be deemed “professional” as we see all too often

in the medical profession, legal and political arena. On the other hand,

too many times, women have been made to believe that their only value

in life is through marriage and childbearing. These two extremes have

created a great dichotomy, within the female psyche. To make matters

worse, women have all but been eliminated from history. Except for short

excerpts about women’s evil and seductive ways, and how they brought

about the ruin of many a good man, history rarely documents the female.

Even the genocide of millions of women during the Spanish Inquisition has

received little recognition. Only once did I see a place where women were

so prominently mentioned in history. It was a museum for instruments of

torture in Prague.

Throughout history, women have had absolutely no rights. They could

not own property; they were property! They had no rights over their

own children, and it was legal to rape, beat, torture, or even kill them.

In many countries, female children are killed upon birth, sold into marriage,

or collected in harems. The misogynous use and abuse of women on this

planet has been criminal and continues to this day. Even in countries like

the United States of America which is supposed to be based on freedom

and justice for ALL, our precious “Declaration of Independence,” states,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all MEN are created equal,

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,

that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– That

to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among MEN…” All

MEN? Governments instituted by “MEN”? Perhaps that’s the problem?

But the worst part is that no one even seems to notice these Freudian slips

of language because we are all so brainwashed to live in a masculine world.

Language is so powerful as you know, it casts spells over us. In the English

Language when referring to a person in the third person, it is grammatically

correct to always refer to said person in the third person masculine. For

example, “He sat reflecting on his situation.” Even God is referred to as

male and most women think nothing of it!

In most ancient Indiginous cultures, it was the older women, the wise

women, the Crones, derived from the word crown, who wore the crown

and were the leaders. They made the decisions guiding their communities.

Especially the decision to go to war since they had the most to loose My

spiritual teacher, who was a retired Sergeant in the U.S. military, told us

once, “guys,” he called everyone guys, “it’s the men who got us into this

mess and it’s up to you woman, to get us out.”


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Finally the Great Ian Parks will be returning to discuss in more detail LIVING ON THE KRYSTALA SPIRAL OF LIFE and TARTARIAN TECHNOLOGY.