heart, shine light


Your whole life has been in preparation for this moment. Can you reveal yourself to us? We are waiting…waiting for so long to see YOUR beauty, to witness your birthing…to know your magnificence. 

It is not that you are not beautiful as you are, nor magnificent in who you have been but I do not wish you to settle for less than is your limitless possibility.

Let your light shine and illuminate the dark work that sometimes comes. For we can only know the true brightness of our Light by stepping into the darkest of the dark.

That is what you have been feeling lately. It is what you have been shedding…as if skins are falling off of you.

It may look like turmoil, chaos and dysfunction but it is you evolving, growing, and becoming. You are larger than the skin you have worn and some part of you will not let you live that any longer.

Be born anew into this world and as you birth… let this new Earth birth within your heart to set all things fully into motion.

This is YOUR time to shine. And something held back, covered up, hidden, and dense … cannot. So you are being assisted, in fact accelerated with this new birthing but you must let yourself let go.

Hold your intentions today strong as you move into the full moon. Anchor your energy to  support your activation into the Divine Essence that YOU are!

have you listened?

To that soft voice…

Have you gotten still?

So you can hear what it is asking…

Have you cleared your mind?

To truly take in the magnitude of what its words mean…

Have you loved yourself enough?

To give you the moment you have been waiting for…

Open the door…walk through Gates… Gate I – The Gate of Self, Gate II – The Gate of Soul, Gate III – The Gate of OverSoul.

In Love, Of Love, With Love and Laughter… Simran Singh


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