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Want to lose weight easily and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Heather Brittany will show you how five subtle tweaks to your daily diet will pay off big in our Health Matters segment.

What makes people happy? Is it where you live, how much money you make, children or lack of them, a great job, busy social life, volunteering, nature? Empowerment expert Cynthia Brian provides 10 ways to make better choices to feel happier. 
Do you know how to keep your pet safe in an emergency? There is no doubt that people in America pamper their pets.  Pet services is one of the fastest growing industries with gourmet treats, spas, pet hotels, designer clothing, and fancy retirement homes.  When natural disasters grab the headlines, most of us are not prepared to safeguard our animal companions. Cynthia Brian prepares an emergency rescue kit to keep our furred, finned, feathered, slithery, and shelled friends safe.
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