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The impetus for The Rebel Road Tour was born out of a desire to truly connect with people… connect in a way that I have never done before… to truly see and cherish others as the Divinity they are… everywhere.

WE intend to create ‘Spheres of Guidance’ in each city, comprised of people that desire to be part of the spark that is ignited in each place.
WE intend to be in community with like-minded an share in an amazing experience of love, connection, and inspiration.  In not knowing details of the areas The Rebel Road is embarking on, where we could use guidance is the following:
WE seek suitable venues willing to host the Rebel Road Show or a smaller speaking engagement… place that would like to partner and can hold at least 100 people. We are happy to split a portion of the ticket cost as a gratitude donation back to the venue. 
WE seek to know individuals in the area that are creating amazing things so that we can spotlight them and their work within the community for greater awareness of what is there. We want to play with the like-minded community that exists and string together all of these North American communities along the way!
WE seek any individuals willing to host the Rebel Road members for lodging… We want to bring focus back to people to people… heart to heart connecting in this society that has become so technology driven. 
WE seek any ideas for create awareness in the areas being visited so that as many people as possible may be touched in some way with hope, inspiration and renewed celebration of who they are. We have media that will bring attention to many… Help us connect to and illustrate the examples freedom that are walking. Be celebrated as Divine Beings expressing and creating!
“We are so very excited to meet with you… SHARE with you… and PLAY with you! Let us illustrate to the world that life can truly move in an organic flow of hearts and ideas, inspiration and creation when we simply open and connect with one another in the honoring and loving way of NAMASTE! – The Divine in and as me honors – cherishes – respects – and loves – the Divine in and as you!”
– Simran Singh ( )
Why do I keep saying WE..There is only ONE of US.. I am speaking to the WE part of you… The WE part of me is speaking.

In Love, Of Love, With Love… Simran  

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