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What is peer pressure and how does it affect us? Peer pressure is the influence of the social group on an individual. If you have ever felt like someone was trying to get you to do something that you didn’t want to do, you have experienced peer pressure. Peer pressure is JUST THAT-pressure. Just because “everyone else” is doing it, is not a reason to do “it”. In fact, lots of things people say they are doing, they really aren’t. They are just bragging and trying to get others pressured into doing something. 

On Express Yourself!™ today, our co-hosts Caie Kelley and Rachel Glass interview four reporters with various viewpoints pertaining to peer pressure. Isaiah Rankin, reporter for Nature Calls, shares the delicacy of eating tarantulas in Cambodia, our Fashion Forward reporter talks about the influence of fashion and trend on peer pressure. The ladies audition a new reporter, Alex Lee, with his segment #Hashtag and information on the social networking buzz plague, #YOLO. In addition, Economics Tune-Up Reporter, Alex Pawlakos, challenges us to be prudent with our money and the pressure to buy things we don’t want or need.

Peer pressure is a topic that everyone has experienced at one time or another. Our teens urge listeners to be true to themselves, be their own self, their best self and listen to their inner guidance system. Claiming peer pressure is often just an excuse to misbehave.  Be your own person.

Bruce Lee was right when he said, “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” Listen at Voice America Kids Network: 

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