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     As I continue moving forward on all of these ‘wild, wacky and wonderful’ steps into the unknown with The Rebel Road, I am reminded of something author Jonathan Ellerby said to me during an interview on 11:11 Talk Radio . He said, ‘When you write a book, you invite a magnification of what it is you are writing about.’ In other words a greater experience of teaching and learning. The signs and symbols have increased for me. The language is reaching mystical proportions in some cases… and do not worry I am writing them down. Some things, are so unbelievable that they have to be believed because you could make the stuff up. Well toilet you know I am not the only one seeing things… 


From Sandra…

     Simran… I wanted to share with you; my signs are often very specific. For example, my sister-in-law, Vicki’s mother passed away. Against my families advice I wanted to go to the funeral. Our families have not been on good terms and have closed that door. 

     I awoke the next morning to a hot, humid day and did not feel much like driving in heavy traffic to get to the service. I opened the street directory and found the address… SANDRA STREET. I thought, ‘hey, there’s my name.’ As I looked closer, I noticed VICKI STREET running directly through it. Then I noticed LEANNE STREET, Leanne is her sister. Obviously I went. 


In Love, Of Love,

With Love… Simran   

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