# 10 Fitness Post

 So many people speak on things of which they have no first-person knowledge.  They believe that what they have been told by others they respect, for whatever reason, is true and they never do any research on their own.  Shame on you I say, and I have no pity for you when you start spouting illogical and misrepresented rhetoric.  Two major examples are people that use the words anaerobic and aerobic exercise incorrectly, and those that use substandard and/or antiquated ways of measuring and defining their health levels.  So often people are given bad advice by good people; like when people tell others they should have their cellphone-telephone up to their ear if they are walking home alone, either on the phone with someone or not on the phone with someone.  The first thing I help people to realize is how silly this is.  I ask them if they think it a good idea if someone drives a car while on a cellphone-telephone, they state that it is stupid to drive while on a cellphone-telephone because one is not fully paying attention to the road and the cars around them.  Then I ask them, if they hadn’t gotten my point by then (no need to beat a dead horse), do they think it proper for someone to be on their cellphone-telephone will crossing a busy street, and hopefully they get that I am that no one believes a person is paying attention when literally they are mobile and using their cellphone-telephone.  Those that are really stubborn state that having someone on the other end of the phone is like walking with someone and there is some sort of physical protection gained.  Then I ask them if they believe that if someone was being victimized and had someone on the phone, friend or police, if they thought the person could get there in time to actually aid in the situation.  I then state this is what I mean by information that sounds good; however, if you actually look into it is some of the worst advice to give.  So why is it that people don’t look into things on their own?  Why is it that people don’t do what they have been hopefully thought?  Why is it that people don’t look into things for their own edification?

People still use the words anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  Anaerobic and aerobic exercises are two ways physical exercise can be done, that’s it.  People fail to realize that running can turn into and become anaerobic and that one can aerobically lift weights.  For the reason of ignorance people use anaerobic exercise interchangeably with lifting weights and aerobic exercise reciprocally with running and/or biking type exercises.  One of the most disappointing things is that from their ignorance biases of exercises are made and people don’t do things because they give a negative connotation to what it is “they don’t do” because “all it does is nothing good”.  Runner rather dislike it when they are shown that they are running in an anaerobic manor thereby staying in the anaerobic state over too on of a period of time, as to that their body stops burning fat and starts burning muscle.   People that get off lifting heavy weights at low reps “to get ripped” sometimes fail to see the benefit of lift lighter weights at higher repetitions to isolate a muscle or muscle group and stay within an aerobic threshold to burn fat while lifting so that their muscles and more easily be seen through their skin.   This is one example.  The other one deal with Weights and Measures (pun intended) of fitness.

People still check their weight as a signal sign of fitness.  Others still use BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure their fitness level.  Those ways are out of date and completely inaccurate.  I have a BMI of 30.8 (6’2” 240 pounds US).  By the standard of the BMI I am Obese.  When people hear that I am a 240 person they state that I should lose weight and get healthy.  Weight solely is not a great marker for health and in my opinion the BMI has cause more health problems than it has solved.  What I tell people is that the only things they need to measure are there waist-line, body-fat and their physical ability as it comes to energy levels, balance, flexibility and endurance through strenuous physical exertion when it comes to their physical health.  Other measurable, logical standards are great too; those are just some that can really give a good account of a person’s health.  As I stated before, solely by my weight I am unfit, by my BMI I am obese; however, when my waist-line, body-fat and physical ability as it comes to energy levels, balance, flexibility and endurance through strenuous physical exertion are measured I am very health and nowhere near obese.

Moral of the story: Listen to and learn from everything; including, but not limited to, your own research.  Match what you find and know with as many differing outlets you can find and then find more info and other outside source in by which to gather data to be logically process.

Don’t believe everything you hear and read.  Always be open to easier and better ways of doing something.  Move out of the dark and into the light. Simply, “You know better, don’t be stupid”.


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Winston Price, Executive Producer, has over a decade and a half of marketing, advertising and public relations experience. He began his business career in 1995 and is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington. Winston also is a master martial artist and personal trainer with over 2 decades of knowledge and experience. Winston runs his own school, Internal Magnification Martial Arts, where he focuses on helping people reach their personal goals of health and fitness via At-Home personal training with martial foci of Taekwondo, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Hapkido and Ba Gua Zhang. As an executive producer for VoiceAmerica, Winston utilizes his skills in business and personal training to help new and existing hosts maximize their opportunity with the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network by supporting his hosts with the business and personal aspects of creating and developing their show. Winston believes that each host brings their own flavor to the Network. By properly coaching and motivating his hosts, they are able to produce THEIR show with THEIR style and THEIR passion being at the forefront of every broadcast.