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Guest: Dr. Leah Curtin, DSc(h), RN, FAAN – A Living Legend in Nursing!

Ethical Dilemmas & Challenges: When to Speak Up – Why & How!

Throughout our personal and professional lives there are times we need to take action, to speak up and out about things that are not right.  This topic offers concrete examples from health care experiences, nursing and medical profession as well as from everyday life.  When we cut short our opportunity to speak the truth, take the higher ground and serve the greater good, it will take a toll on our soul’s integrity.  Sometimes ethical choices are done in awareness and sometimes out of awareness.  As we look inward, take time to notice when you should have spoken up and didn’t, and why.  Then explore the path of integrity and right decision making that serves the higher road helping you to achieve peace in your soul.  Trauma comes from ethical challenges not faced.  Experience how to clear the past where you have hurt yourself and others by your actions.  Become free and let the light shine once again.

Guest Speaker: Dr Leah Curtin, DSc(h), RN, FANN

In 2008, Dr. Leah Curtin was proclaimed “A Living Legend in Nursing” by the American Academy of Nursing, primarily for her work in ethics.  She published “Ethics in Nursing: Theories and Pragmatics”  in 1980, and along with this AJN Book of the Year, she has written hundreds of articles and columns about ethical issues in nursing. From a key management position, through her numerous speeches and writing, Leah has challenged the status quo throughout her career, forcing others to look inside and “tell the truth.” Another example of her widespread career is her reflective book on the experiences Croatian and Bosnian children during the war in their country. Telling their stories in their own words and art – illustrates all too clearly what they suffered as the result of war.  The title is “Sunflowers in the Sand: Stories from Children of War.”  The show will touch on this topic too, addressing the experience of secondary trauma.

8 Key Words:  Ethical Dilemmas & Challenges, Speaking Your Truth, Whistle Blowing




Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook

Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook is host of the show Wise Chats and a master teacher, healer in Energy Medicine, and a medical and spiritual intuitive. Her training programs, including “Transform Your Life Through Energy Medicine” (acronym TYLEM) are taught worldwide. Dr. Bulbrook holds a doctorate in Education, and is a recognized healthcare professional in holistic nursing and family therapies. Her forty years of experience is grounded in nursing, complementary therapies and psychotherapy.

Dr. Bulbrook is credited with innovation in nursing theory and practice (designated Canadian Nurse of the Year 1989) and is a gifted master clinician. Her work is greatly influenced by her relationships with indigenous healers in Australia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and North America.

Her base of experience includes Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Nature as Healer and Energy Psychology. Dr. Bulbrook is currently the Director of Complementary Therapies at Akamai University, an accredited distance learning institution.