Tip #1: To be successful in business, or life in general, it is important to focus on the success of your client or customer – not yourself!  Let go of focusing on “what is in it for me.”

Tip #2: We all face challenges. Yes, even the most successful people. But the key is to face the challenges right away!  The sooner you can tackle the challenge and visualize a “win” for all parties concerned, the faster you will achieve a desirable outcome.

Tip #3: The two emotions that are critical to achieving and succeeding are having a good sense of humor and being deeply passionate about your words.

Tip #4: You must be able to see or visualize yourself succeeding, having, or doing whatever it is you desire. Fall in love with this image!

These are only a small sampling of Jay Mesinger’s tips for success. Jay is President and CEO of J. Mesinger Corporate Jet Sales. Click here to listen to his fabulous interview and soar to new heights! 


Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day.




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