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When a vision comes, it does require our belief and faith. It also asks us to watch the signs, the conversations with the universe’ that appear along the way.  The last step is to be fluid and flexible with the plans, not controlling or manipulating life to fit what we want rather than what is in our best interest. Well, I have been committed to the unknown path of the Rebel Road and I was guided from last November that certain things would appear such as invitations, connection and… an RV! Guess what. It came!


In Love, Of Love, With Love…As Love



Simran Singh, award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine & 11:11 Talk Radio, has released a powerful new book, Conversations With The Universe, guiding how signs, symbols and synchronicity are the way the world speaks to us. Simran states, ‘You are not on a journey, YOU are the journey!’ Readers of Conversations With The Universe receive FREE support videos, meditations and audios at:
www.ConversationsWithTheUniverse.com – www.simran-singh.com – www.1111mag.com – www.Simran-Singh.com