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The Zero Point Field

       Scientifically speaking, quantum physicists have also discovered a field of infinite possibilities:  the Zero Point Zone.  This is the field from which possibilities can be actualized.   —  As Lynn McTaggart notes in The Field,  in today’s arena of consciousness research, with its many theories of how we perceive reality, one that appears to have received general acceptance is Karl Pribram’s holographic model, according to which “reality” is actually something we create in our minds.  Based upon mathematical precision—and confirmed by 700 experiments undertaken by biologist Paul Pietsch, who actually sought to discredit Pribram’s theory—Pribram’s holographic model of reality claims that “we don’t see objects per se, but only their quantum information and out of that we construct our image of the world”(McTaggart).  That is, we construct the three-dimensional reality we think we merely perceive.  This concept, in fact, was a foundational principle of quantum physics when it first emerged nearly a century ago!

       So, how do we do that?  Pribram not only states that the brain interprets reality holographically but also, and more importantly, he shows that quantum waves have the ability to store enormous amounts of information in totality and in a three dimensional form from which the brain, through a series of mathematically predicted cycles, can read this information and create the world as we know it.  So in effect, seeing the world is really a matter of transforming it from the spaceless and timeless wave forms of the quantum field into a discrete space/time reality we all generally accept as the world.   In so doing, we have tuned into the Zero Point Field (McTaggart), the field of infinite possibilities from which we construct our world and then perceive it to be what we have constructed. 

      Crucial to us as NET practitioners is the quantum concept that the reality we all construct includes the Self.  Equally crucial is the notion of the Zero Point Field as the arena of consciousness.  Well-designed experiments undertaken by some “frontier scientists,” as McTaggart calls them, “suggested that consciousness is a substance outside the confines of our bodies—a highly ordered energy with the capacity to change physical matter”—including cells, “and indeed, entire multi-celled organisms like human beings” (The Intention Experiment, p. xi).

     Thus it is in this Zero Point Field, or “zone,” that our consciousness can meet that of our clients, and do our work. 

      According to quantum physics, sprinkled with a dose of logic, we can never create an “accurate” reality, because there is no viewpoint from which we can determine what is or isn’t accurate.  As NET practitioners, though, we can see whether our client’s sense of Self is quite functional, thank you, or not so functional.

     Clearly, being disoriented within the Field, as by an NEC, can seriously undermine and disrupt one’s ability to individually interpret reality, including the reality each of us calls the Self. Since it has been clinically proven that NEC’s can disrupt our perception of reality, being able to assist the patient to the greatest degree possible within the ZPF would allow for the greatest opportunity for an efficient NEC correction. So, for the practitioner to understand the ZPF better makes it easier for him in helping the patient. 

       If neuro-emotional complexes can disrupt our ability to decode the interference patterns of the universal field of information to such a degree as to cause resultant physical, emotional, mental or unconscious trauma, then having a clinically practical, reproducible and reliable technique that eliminates such a distortion lens of dis-ease seems to me, to be enormously beneficial to mankind. Look at this as sort of a nonviolent clinical dope-slap; a way of shocking (in a loving way) a patient back to reality – a reality that is a more accurate interpretation of their world. NET may literally re-sort the brain’s ability to decode the interference patterns of the Zero Point Field. Pretty cool, huh?

      For example, it has been my clinical experience that people lose their place in reality sometimes, just like one might lose one’s place in a city. Things look familiar, but just aren’t quite right and the person does not know where to turn. In over 80% of the time, the main distortion that occurs is one with time. In terms of the patients’ reality they really don’t know what time it is. That is to say, their brain is interpreting, operating in, and creating a present reality, based on decoded interference patterns, on one level, but that resultant reality is not in sync with the time reference they are creating on another. As a result, they are in sort of a time warp – usually it’s from the past to the present that leads to noncongruence. The remaining 20% of the time, one of the other referencing locators – who, what, where, etc. – will allow us to expose the noncongruence. They are just off in relation to who, what, why, where, how or when. We have all experienced this noncongruent phenomenon, because each of us expresses it the same way – as an NEC. Yes – Rod Serling is our friend and we all are – or have been – in the Twilight Zone.

Levels of Consciousness

      In my Eagles 1998 paper, On Working Before Conception, Some Precautions, and again in my 2002 paper, Self-Forgiveness – A Powerful Application of Loving to a Place that Hurts, I discussed various levels of consciousness (LOC) that are a part of everyone’s reality. These LOC – physical, imaginative, emotional, mental, unconscious, and energetic – all are neurologically  connected and therefore susceptible to an NEC. If we are aware of these levels, which can be accessed in the Zero Point Field, we are able to pinpoint the NEC to a greater degree and be more accurate with our intuitive applications. B. J. Palmer said, Chiropractic is specific or it is nothing, and he was right. The more specific we can be within the ZPF concerning an NEC, the more accurate and efficient we can be in helping the patient release it. The following descriptions of the LOC are verbatim from my 1998 Eagles paper, Levels of Consciousness & Working Before Conception.

The Physical Level

      The physical level deals with this world and the physical universe. It is the densest level you will work with energetically. Various types of energy work are performed here. Our NET entry level is here, as are the adjustments we make. All other levels have dominion over the physical.

The Imaginative or Astral

      The astral level is the level of imagination. It is sometimes referred to as the creative visualization level. How wild is our imagination? That is what is here! It has control over the physical level.  

The Emotional Level

      This is the level of the emotions. Most of our Karma or Life’s lessons are seeded here. You know the power of the emotions. Well, that is the power of this level. It supplies the energy for the physical action of our mental thoughts. It has control over the levels below it. Part of the Ego arises out of this level.

The Mental Level

      The remainder of the Ego comes from this level. It is the level of the mind and our thoughts. Thoughts which arise here and are acted upon pick up emotional energy on the way down to the physical, so they can be made manifest in the world as physical reality. Action follows thought.

The Unconscious Level

      This is the level of our non-conscious self. Everything that has happened to us is stored here symbolically, and connected to the collective unconscious of mankind. Working on this level can make you sleepy or tired.

Spirit – Self – God

      This level can be whatever you want it to be. It is the least dense of all the levels and the most rarified. It is sometimes called the Soul level or the first positive level of Spirit, with all the levels below it negative. Negative, not as bad or evil, but rather as poles on a magnet are positive and negative – one balancing the other. 

      These levels are quite straight forward and can be easily entered upon when one is aware of their existence. They will usually show an NEC when the other forms of entry are negative. They basically provide another door with which we can access the patient’s consciousness for NECs. (Eagles, 1998 p.53-54)



Dr. Michael Kudlas

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