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This show was prerecorded with Bob in Central Australia at his home in Uluru where he tells in his own words, the plight of the Stolen Generation sanctioned by the Australia government to take Aboriginal children away from their families and put them in government institutions.  He never saw his mother again.  Filled with a sense of loss, he transcended his pain to communicate that we need to come to peace and respect each others background, rights and heritage.  It is not right to take another’s’ culture to be replaced by another  who took their land.  Through his pain and suffering, Bob become a gentle spokesperson for the journey of his people.  He speaks the truth that will fill you with inspiration at the beauty and oneness of all things replacing struggle with peace, replacing anger with forgiveness and replacing sadness with joy and love that is the heritage of all.  He speaks of living in harmony with the land, nature and the animals addressing the Kanyani Principles passed down from the Aborigines elders.  A rare treat to hear firsthand what happened from this gentle, loving soul speaking about unconditional love and responsibility.

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