For over 125 years Gladney Center for Adoption has been a pioneer and leading voice for improving the lives of children, adoptive families and birth parents.  To celebrate National Adoption Day, we are proud to feature Gladney’s New Beginnings program believe that all children deserve loving, permanent homes. The New Beginnings Program serves families who share this belief and are able to open their hearts and homes to a child who are – currently in state foster care in Texas or Oklahoma and available for straight adoption, an older child, 5 years old and older, available for adoption and medically challenged.  Tanya Houk, program manager joins us to talk more about this wonderful program.  Tanya has over 15-years experience in the field of adoption and brings a wonderful personal touch to the families she works with at Gladney.  Join us to learn more about this program and the work of Gladney Center for Adoption.


Tune in with Kelly Ellison Your Adoption Coach Saturday Nov. 23rd at 12 Noon Pacific Time for her new episode discussing The Gladney Center for Adoption with Guest Tanya Houk. Listen now on the Voiceamerica Vareity Channel for other episodes of Your Adoption Coach on demand Now! And Help Celebrate National Adoption Month.

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