People shop at Target on Thanksgiving Day in Burbank, California

The United States is gearing up to spend about $70 billion next weekend, with retailers offering very deep discounts  In fact five days out, people were already queuing up outside the major retailers. We also discussed how small retailers can make the most of their opportunities while people are in this mood; the fantastic new invention called Coin; the rise and rise of 3-D printers and the extraordinary products that are being produced and the most liked retailers, musicians, television shows, and causes. We also discuss  whether to charge an hourly or project fee for your work; the largest  social media; Google Glass  and the effect the rapid change in technology will have on the community as a whole.  Our interview this week is with Simon Treselyan, a fascinating guy who was a deep undercover operative for the British Secret Service, now a best-selling author, an in demand speaker and is in Hollywood for a month or so to lock up a film deal for his latest book.  Simon also leads a group of former Special Forces operatives who go into countries and secure the release of children who have been kidnapped or sold into the sex trade or into child labor.

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