What does 2014 hold in store? For investors? For international business? For our 100th broadcast, Paul Christopher shares Wells Fargo Advisors’ outlook for the world’s economies and markets over the next 12 months and in the longer term. What does the WFA Investment Strategy Committee see ahead for equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies? What are their recommendations? Should investors stay the course? Retreat? Or rebalance. Which assets should you overweight? Even-weight? Underweight? How should we balance regional opportunities and risks? § Where are the investment opportunities? ¨ Is Europe back on track? Should we look at Germany? At Sweden? What about Poland? ¨ Is Turkey a good bet? ¨ Reforms undertaken in the largest emerging economies (notably India, China and Brazil) could trigger rising unemployment and bankruptcies. § How will their governments cope? § How should international investors prepare? § What will that do to your markets in those countries? ¨ What other emerging economies bear watching in the rest of Asia and LatAm? In Africa § Portfolio or commerce, what is the forecast for the world’s major currencies? Euro, yen, dollar or pound sterling? § What’s the commodities forecasts? Metals? Agriculture? ¨ Will gold and silver retain their luster § International equity markets are close to, or above, annual highs? Could investors run into near-term headwinds? ¨ Will the correlation among markets continue? ¨ Is it time to rebalance? How? Where? § What’s the take on sovereign debt? § Does four years of economic recovery in the U.S. signal time for a slowdown, or the early stage of a potentially long economic expansion? ¨ Households are still deleveraging, what does that portend? ¨ What is the jobs outlook? ¨ What key challenges will the U.S. economy and markets face over the 12 months? ¨ Should we expect a rougher ride? ¨ What about cyclical sectors? § Going into 2014, the single most important unanswered question facing bond investors is how the Fed will wean the economy of its bond purchasing stimulus. What does WFA expect?

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