make things happenHow to stop being a victim and take back your life, your business, and your sanity Larry Winget is the Pitbull of Personal Development and a six-time New York Times / Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He has spoken to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 corporations. Larry believes that hard work and excellence are the keys to success and communicates like no other person on the planet can! Larry makes you think. He offers common sense solutions that are impossible to argue with.  He believes, “we have become passive bystanders, prone to laziness and afraid to confront others with straight talk and confrontation. He believes in a state of mind, attitude, and a way of thinking and living that rejects victimhood in favor of being assertive and taking responsibility”.

Sit back and get ready to be entertained and motivated as Richard Levy interviews Larry Winget on Wealthy Thoughts on the Voiceamerica Empowerment Channel. Listen Now for this weeks New Episode “Larry Winget: Grow A Pair”


Do you catch yourself thinking negatively sometimes? Do you carry around a lot of suppressed anger or envy towards others? If so, these thoughts could be holding you back from success without you even realizing it! “Wealthy Thoughts” with Richard Levy will empower you to live a more positive and prosperous life. Richard believes that there are certain thoughts and actions that attract wealth, while others repel it. During this show, Richard provides CLEAR and SIMPLE direction for anyone seeking a positive lifestyle change.  Our Topics include  releasing negativity, anger and abusive relationships, improving health, overcoming debt, following your life’s passion, attracting your dream job and/or soul mate, eliminating fears, the power of affirmations, and more. Listen for Wealthy Thoughts, every Monday at Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.