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Advertisers pay over $4 million for a 30 second spot.
Approximately $400 million is added to the host city coffers. And 4 ½ million pizzas are ordered from pizza chains.  The big event is the Super Bowl where players from The American Football Conference vie with players from the National Football Conference to become the champions of the National Football League. Hosts Youngjoo Ahn and Katelyn Darrow learn from sports reporter, Hart Main, notable events from past Super Bowls, while social media reporter Alex Lee recalls famous tweets and posts. In Economic Tune-Up, Alex Pawlakos puts a dollar value on the game and Book-It Reporter, Courtney Cheng offers ways for football widows to enjoy the day without watching the tube. It’s an American tradition but not every teen is tuned in.

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Read Press Pass about Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl.

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