sun riseDr. Jeffrey Millman, a holistically oriented family physician, will help us understand some of the  tougher questions: Why do good people suffer? Why do we have to experience pain?  Is there a way to use pain in a positive way or is it something we simply have to endure? Is a positive attitude important to our health?  How much are we really in control of our own health and wellness? What does  the soul have to do with our health? What happens when we die? His recently published book, Leap of Faith: Transforming Physical and Emotional Pain Into Spiritual Growth discusses these questions and more. If you want to know how a holistic physician approaches the practice of medicine, be sure to tune in to hear what Dr. Millman has to say.

millman headshotGuest Bio:

Jeffrey Millman, M.D. is a family physician who integrates holistic and alternative healing into his medical practice. Seeing the impact both physical and emotional pain had on the lives of his patients, he felt the need to seek an explanation for human suffering. He realized that only by connecting with his intuitive mind, using the sixth sense, could he begin to understand the underlying reason for our pain. Dr. Millman lives in the foothills of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, is in private practice in Sparks, Nevada, and is a clinical professor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.  He is a graduate of the Chicago Medical School and a Diplomat and Fellow of the American Board of Family Practice.  He is the author of the recently published book:  Leap of Faith: Transforming Physical and Emotional Pain Into Spiritual Growth.

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