EggWhen I was an egg, I was totally protected. I was safe, joyful, hopeful—looking forward to the ride. Life was gonna be easy—a snap. Everything was provided for me. I just had to show up and sail along. Actually, life as an egg was quite wonderful. Of course . . . there was that sperm who just came out of nowhere and crashed through my thick protective covering. Just like the male species—barging in and taking the lead. I had my eye on the shy sweet one in the corner, but then this bully just knocked him out of the way and compromised my cell wall without so much as a “May I?” or “Excuse me!” I should have known it was shades of what was to come.

Once he was inside of me, my life as a separate, independent sort was totally destroyed. I can’t go anywhere without him; and what’s more, he decided whether I’d become a boy or a girl. That just isn’t fair. I want to make my own decisions—or at least discuss things. But no, he just assumes the decisions are his to make!

Suddenly I’m subdividing and changing into—into a girl?! Now I’ll spend the rest of my life in subjugation! I liked it better when I was an egg. In fact, stand back, I’m rewinding this tape to the beginning when my life was mine.

Afterword We’ve all had our lives determined for us in some way by people, circumstances or thoughts.  Each life, regardless of gender, has its blessings and its challenges. Although there are many things we cannot control, Stephen Covey advises that we can have an impact within our sphere of influence. That sphere is strongest within our own lives.