the-mother-rising-radio-showVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that Albert Bernstein, PhD will join Margaret Jacobson host of The Mother Rising radio program on the Voice America Empowerment Channel ( Thursday, April 24, 2014,  at 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

Albert Bernstein, PhD is a clinical psychologist, Business Consultant and author of: “Dinosaur Brains, “Emotional Vampires”, “Emotional Vampires in The Work Place” , “How to Deal With Emotionally Explosive People”, “Neanderthals at Work” ,
“Sacred Bull”,  and “Am I the Only Sane One” will discuss his latest book to arrive later this year, “To Fight Vampires, You Need the Calm of A Jedi Knight And The Chutzpah Of A Jewish Mother.”

Dr. Bernstein is well known for teaching people to confront difficult and frightening situations with wit, wisdom, grace and liberal doses of humor.  Albert Bernstein, PhD is an expert in his field at detailing how to spot emotionally draining relationships and how to navigate them with clarity in ways that empower the person being “sucked dry” by those with vampire like tendencies.

Dr. Bernstein  will be sharing with listeners his expertise and insights into creating awareness of how emotional vampires prey on the lower parts of our brain and how to access ways to override auto responses that evoke emotions that cloud thinking. His bag of tools and techniques will allow listeners ways to immediately take charge of relationships in their life that are draining them dry.

“The Mother Rising” airs live on Thursdays at 4 PM Pacific / 6 PM Central / 7 PM Eastern on The Voice America Empowerment Channel. To access the show, log on at . All shows will be available in Margaret Jacobson’s Content Library on The Voice America Empowerment Channel for on-demand and podcast download,
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About Margaret Jacobson:

Margaret Jacobson, MPA/HSA and Certified Wellness Coach also known as “The Mother Rising,” ( specializes in Divorce Wellness. Mother of 3 and thriving single Mom and Divorcée, Margaret has embraced her life challenge of divorce and has not only transformed her life through empowering herself but has created a shared path for others willing to do the same. Her background in neuroscience and studies in women’s spirituality allow her to tap into a deeper space that motivates behavior changes on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of each person with whom she works.  Margaret has a keen sense of practicality, a health dose of humor and a strong sense of what it takes to create clarity and peace. Her blogs both on her website and for YourTango are read weekly the world-over.