In this Episode “Finding Your Powerful Voice In The Face Of Adversity: Learning to Hold Strong In the Face Of Backlash“ The Mother Rising is joined by Lisa Joyce Goes, co-founder of The Thinking Mom’s Revolution. Lisa will describe how she found her very powerful and outspoken voice as an advocate for families and children challenged with iatrogenic autism and environmental illness in the face of harsh criticism and backlash from both her immediate and the medical communities. We will see the similarities in her transformative opportunity through becoming a Thinking Mom and also discuss the high divorce rate within the autism community and challenges of parenting when the children have health issues involving special care. Lisa is incredibly inspirational and her dedication and commitment to children and families dealing with iatrogenic autism and environmental illness is very empowering. She’s a wonderful representative of being an everyday super hero!

Being that the nature of our life on earth is one of experiencing issues that challenge our spirit in ways we never thought we would need to endure, the Mother Rising provides a space of safety and connection. Both during the show and beyond you will access nourishment for yourself with new perspectives and be inspired to try things in new ways. You will feel the energy of an empowered community of listeners that leave you feeling held with the strength, courage and fortitude to embrace your journey as an opportunity for transformation. Like the spirit of Mother that nurtures us, The Mother Rising will nurture your spirit allowing you to feel a sense of clarity and peace on your journey of becoming an expression of your own greatest dream of freedom.

The Mother Rising