Hello All,

There is a whole lot of stuff going on out there in the world. What did we notice this past week? And, does it make a difference this week? For those for most of us who notice energy at play it does. Time is a fluid state. It is an illusion that is helpful at times and a trap other times. Something happens and something led up to the happening. Something will happen as a result of that happening. A whole lot is happening all the time. it creates a sense of before, now, and after which we can feel as time. Energy is in motion and we can track it coming and where it has been and where it is now and where it will go. But we are probably not noticing the rhythm that is in effect or the ripple. So often people remember an incident as a single event that changed everything following. My awareness is often they were not paying attention. There were lots of signals not acknowledged.

Throw or drop a pebble into water and the ripples of energy play out in all directions and become different when they run into whatever is in their path. They may change, transform and will be different for having interacted. The weight and size of the pebble combined with the throwing velocity creates different friction and size ripples. Now notice dropping other pebbles in the water and their ripples now interact and bump up against each other and maybe disappear totally. To really have fun release a drop of oil or a drop of color and you can track the patterning of the ripples clearly and see how they break up or become part of something new or stay the same just to different degrees.

We are pebbles. We are the water. We make a difference in each other’s lives. We are co-creating all the time. You don’t ever have to doubt that. We are individuals sharing a collective experience as consciousness. Us being us creates ripples that play out in often seemingly mysterious and more often unnoticed ways with others. Most of the time you don’t know it and will not know it. Lives as energy fields as patterns interact all the time. Just look at one man’s actions of getting on a plane and crossing boundaries and the experiences he left with will interact with those he is meeting. Consider all he interacts with along the way and all those that meet them somewhere down the road. Ripples. And seemingly no line of known connection.

Knowing and being able to see how important any of us are in the context of the whole is precious. Often our choices day to day are made unconsciously. We feel isolated or not important and have our head down and miss so much. You not paying attention, not making conscious choices, reacting automatically when it is not helpful will cause ripples as much as you paying attention, just different ones. That is why one must live in the moment as much as one can. For it might be your last moment. Disasters wake us up. That is what it can take for us to look up and come back out of mind. They bring us back to center, into heart, through our emotional hearts into unified consciousness. Does it have to be this way? For each of us? Not really. It is only a pattern as a habit as much as anything can be. Regret and “If I onlys” can drive you crazy. Pay attention.

Make some time to drop like the rock into the fluid of heart space. We only have a sense of dropping into the heart as most of us are mind oriented in our heads. If we don’t have an open line of communication going at all times in our daily lives you perhaps will really register the shift in focus. Or if you are conditional about being in heart space due to not wanting to engage your emotions, you never get there out of mind. “How can I feel what I need to feel without feeling?” is tricky especially if feeling feels bad to you. Shifting to “What if I was okay to feel what I do when I feel what I do?” and relax. What if it was okay to relax when you contemplate your emotions? What if it was okay to relax when you feel other people’s stuff? Whole new worlds of color are possible.