Keli Piscopo will be joining Lori Jae to have a general discussion about Contracts For Love and how it relates to the Now. Keli, a mother, 6 times divorced, is herself an expert in why people should not get married! Lori Jae will keep this lively East Coast, sassy, wonderful spirit Keli, from burning up the airwaves with her colorful and delightful point blank delivery. “I’m an open book and the words just come spilling out of my mouth!” states Keli. This brilliant, funny and sometimes irreverent woman can quote scripture and science while her multicultural experiences and background adds spice to our topic. Keli has a passion for our children and we will be discussing how to help them when the family unit goes through separation. We will speak to how contracting before cohabitation respects the needs of the children. Join us while we touch on many issues including how contracting while in love can benefit and protect our children from being pawns in an ugly custody battle.


Keli Piscopo has many talents and uses natural healing practices and tools consisting of crystals, plants, earth and feathers for healing and rituals throughout the year. A passion for children, she hopes to facilitate the movement toward holistic education. Keli uses her abilities and energy in many Metaphysical Modalities including working with Rainbow and Crystal Children. She is currently working toward her new degree in Special Education. Keli teaches classes on metaphysical healing and has workshops on crystals, meditation, subtle energy manipulation, family oriented rituals and is an Ordained Minister. She worked in the medical field for over 20 years in both holistic and allopathic modalities. Her scope of practice includes immunology, oncology, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. Keli has been privileged to work with some of the most foremost doctors in their fields of expertise. Keli is a talented, outspoken advocate for children and many groups of diversity.