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Why should we enter into a Partnership Contract with our Lover? How do we ask our Lover to enter into a Contract Agreement? Should you enter a Contract Agreement before co-habitation to protect yourself and your partner in your relationship? Join Lori Jae for a lively conversation with guest, Sarah Nilsson, a motorcycle enthusiast and an airplane flying Lawyer. Together they will discuss the many areas of concern in which we should protect ourselves before going into a long term relationship. They will answer questions such as: From a Legal Stand Point, why should I have a Contract? How and when do we approach the subject of Contracts with our Partner? What are the consequences to a Breach of Contract. When in love, in passion and lust, we are not usually thinking of what happens if our partner picks up and leaves with no note or goodbye. These are just a few of the things we need to explore and Lori Jae and Sarah will take you there! Come along for another great nooner!