Discover insider radio sponsorship tips, strategies, and the power of radio from Executive Producer Robert Ciolino and International Radio Show Host Rebecca Hall Gruyter. Learn how to approach radio sponsorship and little known radio sponsorship opportunities. You will learn important considerations, opportunities, and leveraging techniques to take your message to the next level. Harness the power of radio sponsorship by aligning your message with your method of sponsorship, expanding your reach, and increasing your impact. Leverage radio sponsorship to reach your people in a powerful and impactful way.


Robert Ciolino is an executive producer for VoiceAmerica and enjoys working with talented, passionate people providing a world stage as a platform and assisting them to create outstanding, informative and captivating Internet radio shows. Robert comes from the world of online marketing, web development, social media and has a passion for everything Internet. Robert says, “I feel very fortunate to be an Executive Producer for VoiceAmerica and truly enjoy producing quality programming for the leader in LIVE Internet Talk Radio.” In his spare time, Robert is an aspiring Ecopreneur – working on , which is an Internet gathering place for alternative eco solutions. Robert’s goal is to engage, empower and encourage people to take action for a cleaner, healthier future.


In this heart felt and transformational show, Rebecca will share her insight on the subject of the day and will feature two special guests per show. Each guest is an empowering leader in their respective industry or modality who provides insights and tips on how to live an empowered life. This show is perfect for women who feel a call on their heart to step out in a bigger and more powerful way in their life and would like some encouragement and inspiration to support them on their journey!

Rebecca will guide each show to focus on an empowering topic. The show starts with a discussion, which provides several practical ideas and tips to apply in your everyday life. Rebecca welcomes your participation and will answer questions during each show. Empowering Women, Transforming Lives is broadcast live every Wednesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.