This special episode of DJ and Da Bear is the perfect way to kick off Superbowl week. We will feature some of the stars of the feared and beloved 1985 Bears–Otis Wilson, Gary Fencik, Dan Hampton, Steve McMichaels, Willie Gault and L.A. Mike Richardson. These guys are going take a walk down memory lane with us, reliving what it felt like to take the world by storm. They will discuss the dynamics between players and coaches, their views on why this formidable team didn’t make it to the Superbowl back-to-back, what it was like making the Superbowl Shuffle, and their current views on the game. This is a must listen episode!

Rated by ESPN as the greatest NFL team ever, the 1985 played with passion, ruthlessness and cunning. Never in the history of football has a defense intimidated quarterbacks any better, forcing seven quarterback substitutions over the course of the season. As the season went on, this monster team kept getting meaner, wilder and more oppressive. They shut out their first two playoff opponents; then, in a lopsided Super Bowl victory, they had seven sacks, held the Patriots to seven rushing yards and scored nine points. “I’ve never seen a defense like that in terms of smothering people, not even letting them move the ball, let alone score,” said former Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy.


The ’85 Bears never won another Super Bowl, but their defense actually was superior over a period of time. DJ and Da Bear is going to be joined by some of the stars of that famous team.