LimitlessLife Transformation:  Awaken your manifesting abundance and healing abilities. Join me for 3 days from Wednesday, June 3rd to Friday, June 5th so I can personally help you to bring limitless abundance in your health, relationships and career. It’s time to once and for all, to clear and to have a profound healing experience to bring more limitless abundance in your health, relationships and career to live the life YOU DESERVE and share your Divine Soul Purpose.

This three -day training will offer the theory and practice of age-old methods for transforming difficulty into ease and well-being. Through guided practices, wisdom teachings, experiential exercises, healing stories, dialogue, and inner training, you will receive an immersive demonstration for awakening the heart and mind—offering skills to aid professionals and deepen the practice of meditators, including:

Directed healing

Inner witnessing

Compassion and forgiveness

Refining clarity of intention

Mindfulness towards the body, thoughts, and emotions

When we see the spirit of a leader like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, we come to realize what is possible when we meet the world from a place of loving awareness. By cultivating our capacity for balance and attunement, we can experience joyful embodiment of inner liberation, no matter what the outer circumstances.

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Visit Embrace Your Inner Self to sign up under the event page for 3 FREE Tele Class that will warm you up for the retreat. The topics of Tele Class are :

First Tele class: Wednesday February 11th : 5 Things to Transform All of Your Relationships

 Second Tele class: Wednesday March 11th : The Secret of Manifesting your Dreams: 3 Joy Techniques that you can start right away.

Third Tele class : Wednesday April 8th : Do you need a breakthrough in transforming your relationship with Money in your life?

Time: 7 PM EST, you will receive call details after you sign up.

Relationships, Joy Techniques and Money Mindset.First Tele class is on Wednesday, Feb 11th 2015 at 7 PM EST and also receive Early Bird specials for the retreat.