Gay Marriages NYC

Thanks to the Supreme Court, same-sex marriage is now legal in all states. But what does that actually mean for gay people? Gay marriage is not just a political slogan or an opportunity for benefits and legal status. Any kind of marriage is a choice and challenge. On this show, we’ll talk about gay marriage from the inside out. Meet two very diverse couples. Larry and Corey live in a Southern state where same-sex marriage has NOT been legal. They’ve been together 8 years, but they never before had to confront the question: Should we marry? Debra and Heidi have been together over 30 years. They live in California, took commitment vows in 1993 (their ceremony was the subject of an Academy-award nominated documentary), have two children they birthed, and have been legally married under California law since 2008. Each couple has had to face social and family challenges, and each deals with the issues we all face in relationship: issues of caring, cold feet, love and commitment. Tune in Tues 7/14 @ 3pm PT on ‘InsideOut‘ with Beth Green.