The time has finally come!!! My radio show, Intentional Living, will air Monday, October 12th LIVE at 10 AM EST on VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel. I hope you can listen in. I will be taking live callers and the topic will be Your Hero’s Journey to Self-Discovery. If you cannot listen live, a recording will be available. More details are below for the October 12th episode:

Joseph Campbell said that “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” This is the holy grail, the elixir of life, the great bliss we are all seeking – the ability to simply be who we are, no matter whom we’re with or what storm we may be weathering. But this privilege comes at a cost, and one that some of us are unwilling to pay. It comes at the cost of comfort, of security and, sometimes, even of the approval and understanding of those whom we love and care for deeply. In other words, the privilege of being who we are requires that we go on a hero’s journey to discover who we are, and then become willing to embody, express and stand for who we are, no matter what.

In this show, I will be talking with a dear friend and business colleague, Lorna Johnson, who has been through her own powerful hero’s journey (she likes to call it a heroine’s journey) of massive personal and business transformation, which included a very long, very dark night of the soul. I will also be sharing my own journey of awakening, and together we will explore the deep spiritual truths that underlie anyone’s path to self-knowledge and to fully embodying what it means to live with intention.

There will be laughter, and there may even be tears, as we explore the raw, the real and the royal path we both took to self-sovereignty in our lives.

You do not want to miss this first, inaugural episode of Intentional Living!