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We still hear a lot about how it is that we should control our thoughts so that we can get what we want.  There are memes on social media sites every day about this idea.  We are constantly being advised to watch what we are thinking, because the Universe is listening and responding to our thoughts as if they were direct orders for the Universe to follow.  But these wicked thoughts, called by most “negative thoughts” do not have the power to manipulate the Universe—surely we know that the Universe is way more intelligent than that!  So what is true? What is the truth about our thoughts and their impact on the Universe?  If you have been trying to get your thoughts to behave themselves and stop being so wicked that they betray you by making the Universe work against you, this show is for you.  Don’t miss it. Tune in 10/14/2015 @ 1pm PST for this special episode of Authentic Living. Or Listen On Demand anytime!