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Many companies experience a great deal of difficulty during the expansion stage and may even disappear. When this occurs, it is usually because the entrepreneur or small business owner is unable to cope with the managerial problems that go hand in hand with growth. A Stage II company needs a leadership infrastructure and operational systems that lets it function efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis. It needs a Finely Tuned Management Machine!

Michael Kramer, founder of the ManageHubAccelerator, shared on this week’s Business Edge podcast the science for building a successful, scaleable and saleable business. The number one requirement is that you have a management system that controls ALL its moving parts. Without the system your business is disorganized. Your quality is inconsistent. Your customers complain. And you’re stressed out!

With the system, your business is transformed into a finely tuned management machine that is innovative – productive – profitable. Listen and find out how to sign up for the ManageHub Quick Start Workshop. It’s completely free and you’ll get instant access to ManageHub software, training, and support.