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The Power of Transformation – Pathway to Enlightenment with Brigitte Boyea and St. Germain is a unique radio show series supervised, guided and directed by St. Germain, Master of Transformation, and channeled by Brigitte Boyea.

Many current world issues will be addressed. Other divine Masters and Angels as representatives of the Seven Sacred Rays will also be introduced throughout this series to offer their wisdom to the audience.

In this fifth episode of their radio show Brigitte and St. Germain will focus on the power of transformation as well as the consciousness expansion that is triggered by a unique multi dimensional portal that opens every year on 11/11.

Whenever we experience the date 11/11 during the month of November, we receive extra support by the Hierarchy of Light in order to move our consciousness further into alignment with universal love, peace and oneness. This also means a time of releasing what no longer serves us in the days leading up to 11/11. This then in turn will make room for the new frequency down load on 11/11 and the birthing of a new consciousness.

During this radio show, St. Germain will explain the significance of the 11/11 portal and the consciousness expansion as a result of its unique galactic frequency. He will then take you on an inner journey to lead you across a threshold into a new consciousness of love, peace and joy.

Much has been written about St. Germain, some of it true and some of it a human interpretation to conceptualize the unexplainable.  His intent for creating this radio show series is not only to assist you in the transformation of your own personal life, but also in the transformation of planet Earth through you as a channel and instrument of the Divine Hierarchy Of Light.

His main message is always one of love and empowerment to give you the courage to delve deep into your own inner Self to uncover the beauty of your true divine essence and radiance.

The Power of Transformation – Pathway to Enlightenment with Brigitte Boyea and St. Germain is broadcast live every Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern Time and 5 pm Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. Archives of this radio show series are available, too.

You can also visit Brigitte Boyea’s website at for more information on her and her services.

Mike Snyder will also add some of his beautiful channeled music to this radio show to assist in the downloading and integration of the 11/11 galactic energy frequencies. For more information on his healing services, recorded music and events we have offered in the past, please visit his website at

The inspired picture of St. Germain was created by Eva Sullivan. For more information on her and her artwork, please visit her website at