Most of us accept depression as a fact of life. In 2011, one-fourth of the U.S. population was on anti-depressants. I’m certain that the number is much higher now, but I couldn’t find current statistics. The pharmaceutical industry is doing great, but people aren’t. Most psychiatrists won’t even treat people with anything but a prescription. It’s easier and more lucrative to just medicate. The problem is, people aren’t getting better. Worse, they believe that their biochemistry has caused the problem, which prevents them from seeking the help they need to actually heal their depression and their lives. Current studies do not prove cause and effect; they only show correlation. Unless we do biochemical analyses on newborns and follow them throughout life, we cannot prove which came first, the depression or the imbalance. To sentence someone to a life of anti-depressants, keeps them in the illusion that they are happy. Please join us Thursday to hear the truth about depression and a cure.

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