Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein, with his brilliant mind and generous heart, always knew the world was poised for good. He believed that business was our greatest lever and set out to elevate humanity through the Conscious Capitalism movement, teaching, inspiring, and helping organizations achieve “Working For Good.” An avid surfer, fit and healthy, loving life, and positive about the future, he seemed destined for a very long life. But it was not to be. A friend said Jeff made an “elegant exit” dying in his sleep in 2014. We all miss him. He made a difference in the lives of many and in the efforts to do well by doing good.  So, it seems appropriate to begin 2016 hearing his voice gently nudging us all to believe we can do well by doing good. So, dear Jeff, thank you. We are grateful to have shared laughter and deep thinking with you. We are grateful that you were a courageous leader, willing to stand in your truth in the world. Your work goes on, Jeff Klein…your legacy lives.

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