wanda allen

Follow up is a fundamental in the sales process, but so often, the neglected fundamental that is a vital part of success. We know that the more you follow up, the more likely you are to get more business. However, many of us struggle with our follow up – we have good intentions but do it sporadically, half-hardheartedly and most likely without an effective methodology.

Here’s how to change that and get the business we desire and need!

On this episode of The Business Edge Wanda Allen with Follow Up Sales Strategies shared the fundamentals of the follow up process which included: why using a system is critical for success; how the right mindset makes the follow up process easier; and the surprising sales statistics that we should pay attention to.

Listen to this podcast and learn: The three different ways to follow up beside just calling prospects back; why systems are important and which ones work and which don’t work; how our emotions and thinking sabotage us and what we can do about it; the reasons follow-up is focused first on building relationships; then getting the sale; how to get out of the “I don’t have time” syndrome and make follow-up a priority that you will be committed to.
The key takeaway: Don’t just stand there; take this action now! Identify three people you know and need to follow-up with; figure out why you haven’t; then do it today – not tomorrow. Or identify your top three clients; ask self when you last talked with them – not email, text – but picked up the phone. Make the commitment and make the investment of your time; it will pay you back!