Luis Vicente Garcia on Keys to Manageial Success

When we go out to work or live our own lives, we must decide how we are going to do it. When we continue to learn and then implement the knowledge we have accumulated and the abilities we have developed, we need to understand that how we do one thing is how we will do everything we do. At the end, it is all about performance.

Over the years we acquire new knowledge that we must apply; have experiences that we learn from; meet people and start developing a network whom we influence and who we learn from. These factors all combine into allowing us to be who we are today, at a personal and professional level.

It is here where Training, Performance and Focus intersect and define how we do all that we do, simple or complex. It determines our ability to perform in an excellent manner, consistently. Now we must apply the learning and experiences we get from life, and the keys we obtain from sports and martial arts.

Join me as we take the Training Intent of Martial Arts and give it an entrepreneurial meaning, so we can all benefit in our businesses.

Luis Vicente Garcia