You Can Have It ALL!!! Just Believe!!
On April 21, 2015, I received a random phone call from Women of Distinction Magazine.  It was such a random call that I wanted to say they had the wrong number.  As I continued on with the conversation, I realized they were really interested in me and what I could offer to others.  As I began to digest the possibilites, I accepted the offer immediately.  I began to realize that this was an amazing example of the Law Of Attraction.  I have been putting together a book that I am writing and after attending a Hay House, Writing from the Soul Workshop with Wayne Dyer, this was exactly what I was told I needed in order to get my books published.  A “Platform”!!!!! The universe alligned me with the platform I need in order to establish an audience. Then a few days later, I received another call that they not only wanted to write about my story but they wanted to have me on the front cover of the August edition.  By now, I was really feeling the giddy nervousness of “this is really happening to me”!!!!!!!  After a few days, they also included asking me to have a short interview that would be published on YouTube.  By this point, I was jumping, laughing, crying and thanking God and the universe because exactly how I had asked was exactly how it was showing up.  The power of my words were synchronized and alligned with the Powerful Mind of the Universe.  This was finally my turn to get it all as I have longed it for many years.  My biggest gift to clients, friends, and family is that when we believe and put out our intentions to service in the good of all, God and the Universe will take care of the details.  Believe in yourself, put your intention out into the Universe, and I assure that you too can have it ALL.  Here is a link to my Press Release……… Let me know what you think.  After all, this is part of promoting the books I have been writing and soon you will be reading more….