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Empowering Women of Power
So often we find ourselves feeling we have to be super women that can handle it all.  Trying to be the best at everything comes with a price.  My book is about teaching women that being empowered is knowing how to balance all the different hats we wear without losing the most important thing of all, OURSELVES!!!!!! Forgetting ourselves in the midst of the chaos will never help us feel successful.  Giving up our dreams will make us bitter and sad.  Losing site of our purpose will create resentment and hatred.  Choosing to make it about everyone without any left over for us will fill us with low self esteem and low self love.  So being a Woman of Power means we remember that being the best that we can be fills us with a level of empowerment that is what a true leader is all about.  Finding true success as a Woman of Power is filling ourselves with self love, self honor, self respect, self confidence, self esteem, self appreciation and self admiration.  Many calculate this as being conceited or self centered but the truth of the matter is being at your best you can share your best from a place of love.  Treat yourselves and pamper you!!!! Feeling great is exactly what it feels like to be a Woman of Power.   Share your experiences and help others find that inner empowerment…..

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