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Reconnect To Your Inner Child
We are all a victim of something in our lives that made such an enormous impact that the event made it life changing for us. When we realize how much that day, that specific moment, that minute, the second the intention was put out to create the tragedy that marked us, we were left with just that, a mark. The mark could be called many things such as trauma, an episode or even a nightmare. The feelings of being robbed of our own essence. The unspoken permission we gave that someone who took our power away. The exasperating feeling of being left stuck in a void that is cold, dreary, emotionless which ultimately paralyzes us. The not knowing what to do next. Who did this awful gesture? Why would they harm us that way? They said they were our friend or even more impactful when they said they loved us. The enveloped feeling of despair and abandonment clearly changes all that we use to be. The urge to move on quickly and not disclose the horrific experience we just lived, leaves us feeling ashamed and the embarrassment too much to handle. Feeling we did something to deserve what just happened, not knowing what to do next or who to turn to that will not think we have lost our mind, is too much to process. The next best thing is to make a valid choice to forget the incident even happened. So we decide to block it from our memory. Store it away where it will never be recalled as a part of our life. Pretending we are alright and that the victimization never occurred. We choose to minimize and by doing that, we accepted that what was done on to us was acceptable. We begin to believe it was our fault, we asked for it, we should have known better and that it’s better to take it than to confront the perpetrator. At this point, we have lost all hope of a normal life. We have given up our drive and motivation to be special and to be on purpose to create great things. At this point, we have given up our identity, disconnected from our essence, our in inner child, our bodies in shock, very little energy flowing. We have just began the process of self-destruction. We have been violated al all levels. Our innocence and belief in good things has been shattered. As our inner child gets disconnected, we lose that fun loving spirit of being filled with joyfulness and freedom to live out each moment to its fullest. We begin becoming more serious, emotionally detached, guarded and putting up a wall not only to protect from anymore bad entering but blocking all the good in store for us as well. We begin to live our life with no direction, little purpose and filled with more tragedies and episodes of chaos. It is like being in reverse. All that is good we push away and what is not so good we extend an invitation. It is like having an opposite day or an opposite life. We become a soul less zombie walking along the path of life feeling empty and scared. Anticipating the next tragedy that will be coming into our life. When asked how we are dong we can only say we are fine because we have lost all connections to our own truth. We forget who we are, what we stand for, what is our purpose, why we showed up here and most of all we forgot how to love ourselves and the world around us. It is like being caught in a long underground tunnel with no one around. The eerie cold draft of air that freezes the bones, the darkness that engulfs us with fear and the panic of the never ending path that ends up nowhere. We begin to realize this is our life. Not the life we chose for ourselves but the life that we allowed others to choose for us. Totally disabled and paralyzed, we handed over our life to those who victimized us. We gave it all away. We did this to ourselves. We chose not to fight but to give up instead. We decided on making them right and losing ourselves in the tragedy. We forgot all of who we really are. We forgot that we have a soul that connects us to light and love. We forgot that we have a mind that is controlled and commanded by us. We chose not to see that we are here because there is a greater power than us reminding that we have a mission to accomplish in this life time. We forgot the child who once lived happily and in peace prior to the incident that changed our life. It all comes down to making a conscious choice of who or what you want your life to be. It sounds easy, but it comes with a lot of work! It is your turn to choose YOU!!!!!!!!

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