On June 23rd, the video crew hired by the Women of Distinction Magazine, was sent to my office at Famwell Healing Center, to record the video for YouTube.  Clearly, I was extremely nervous but elated with joy.  I felt so blessed that I could finally begin to get my message out to the universe on how being on purpose is so easy and rewarding as long as you stay true to yourself and your mission in life.  This was a short exerpt of how I could reach out to so many that will never make it to my office in Miami, Florida, but with YouTube, I was ready to shout out messages of hope to so many that just need a little inspiration to get on path.  Helping others to stay on the right path is part of my own mission in this lifetime.  So many ask me questions such as: What is purpose? How do I know what is my purpose? How do I connect to my purpose? These are just a few questions I frequently encounter but it is a very personal question to answer.  One thing I know for sure is that purpose is connecting to your true essence of who you really are and being in touch with your inner child.  Share what your purpose is and how you knew……….

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