“Connecting to Your Spiritual Side”
After years in private practice as a Family Therapist, Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Mom, I decided that it was finally time to start writing my book collection of information that I have been gathering throughout the years. It was time for me to go deeper into myself to begin to connect to my spiritual side. I learned a long time ago that through love everything could be repaired. At the early age of 17, I felt it was time for me to break free from my family of origin and start a family of my own. I decided it was time for me to establish and make note of who I really am in order to help others discover who they really are…….. To launch on the journey of my life’s purpose.  There are many sides to each of us but it becomes easy to fall in the traps and become what this world wants us to be and forget our own essence. It is in my book writings that I want to encourage each reader to connect to their purpose in this life. To stop denying their greatness by losing themselves in pleasing or conforming to others. I want to continue in my path as a teacher and a coach, that what I have accomplished in over 30 years, is a Miracle and that everyone has the potential to do the same. It is with a sense of knowing that we can stand up for what we believe and feel empowered to be ourselves. If not we end up denying and negating our true essence. My life has had many ups and downs. I have had experiences of being in love and feeling loved to feeling abandoned and betrayed. I have encountered great achievements and enormous failures. I have had moments of elation and moments of suffering. I can tell you this with certainty, it was all necessary to learn who I really am and what my journey in this lifetime is all about. I encourage you to do the same and get to know the true self that lies within, it will be the beginning of the best thing that will ever happen.

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