Taste of Being a Healer

What have you decided being a healer is… that it isn’t? What if every time you interact with someone, you are a catalyst for a different possibility?

You’re invited to a special evening class with Dr. Dain Heer to explore how you, being you, is a miraculous force of healing and change in the world. This class is the beginning of rediscovering and reclaiming your knowing about healing.

As part of Access Consciousness®, Dr. Dain Heer has created a unique series of classes on the elements of being that are designed to empower you to know that YOU are the creator of your life and living. In these evening classes, called the A Taste of Being, you will get to explore what is possible.

During these hours, you will also get access to real, pragmatic and dynamic tools, and the energetic awareness to create the life you’d truly like to have and the world you would truly like to live in!

Are you ready to remember the language of bodies and hear the whispers of healing that you’ve always known?


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