We live in challenging and fast changing times in which the evolution of technology, the digital times and the knowledge era have transformed the way we behave, we do business, learn and communicate. This is why it is very important to understand what today has been called the ‘Communications Era’.

This is part of the important issues we deal with today; but it requires that we learn, adapt and understand. The communications era is only a small part and fraction of what has been called the era of knowledge or today, the fourth industrial revolution. How do we create energy, ideas and develop the potential of our societies? How do we improve our education systems in order to grow in different and better ways?

This is the subject of this interesting show; join me as I embark in this knowledge and learning based conversation with Professor Gonzalo Aguerrevere.

About Prof. Gonzalo Aguerrevere

Professor Gonzalo Aguerrevere, an active Mathematics professor, holds an MS in Mathematics Education from the NOVA Southeastern University and an Electrical Engineer from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He has worked as Teacher on the fields of Television, Electronics, and Mathematics where he has been able to apply the tool of “The Language of Mathematics”.

He has experience coordinating and operating activities as Manager and/or Professional Engineer on Telecommunications and applies RBM “Results Based Management” working for multinational and national private Companies, Universities, Government Institutions, and on the relationship with Chambers of Commerce and Public Organizations.

Fluent in Spanish, English and German today he lives in Miami, Fl.


The communications era