Tamarack Song has spent his life studying the world’s aboriginal peoples, apprenticing to elders, and learning traditional hunter-gatherer survival skills. He has spent years alone in the woods as well as living with a pack of Wolves. In 1987 he founded the Teaching Drum Outdoor School in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin. He is an award-winning author, and his several books include Entering the Mind of the Tracker. His latest book is Becoming Nature. Tamarack is married to Lety with whom he has two adult children. Please visit www.TamarackSong.org

Each of us has created a hierarchy in our minds that allows us to feel comfortable about how we feed and dress ourselves. Because animals appear to be more like us in that they breathe, walk, eat, make noises, etc., we assume that their lives have more value than plants. In fact, all life has intrinsic value. Plants live and die and yet we have no hesitation about eating fruits or vegetables or grains. I was a raw vegan for a while and they emphasize the health benefits of eating living foods. They even soak some items in order to bring them back to life. We feed plants with sun, water, fertilizer and good soil and research tells us that if we talk to our plants they grow and bloom better. If we pay attention, we can hear or feel a plant or flower calling out to us. Mine tell me when they need water. I have even had rocks, shells and crystals call out to me to touch them or hold them. Please join us Thursday to learn how to value, respect and communicate with the life in all of nature.

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