In this episode of The Soulcial Hour, Frances Leary and guest Lisa Arie will prompt you to dig deep and answer the tough questions you may have lost along your path of business development. Reconnect with your passion, and discover your deepest why. Explore ways to embed that rediscovered purpose as the core of your business, its soul, and begin to thrive in businesses while simultaneously loving what you do.

Lisa Arie founded, became the CEO of, and raised 2 multi-multimillion dollar companies, was a creative all-star, spent a life growing up in Singapore, South Africa, and London. The most amazing thing about her life is that all roads have led her to a 160-acre ranch in Dove Creek, Colorado: Vista Caballo.

When Fast Company interviewed her, they dubbed her “the CEO whisperer”. Lisa pursues her mission to transform the people who are transforming the planet. While her focus is on elite C-suite executives and entrepreneurs, all you really have to be to work with her is someone who wants to do something good with your life-for yourself and others.

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